Tuesday, October 22, 2013

For the Love of Fall

Every year I try to enjoy fall to the fullest. My favorite things in the world are all wrapped up in the coziness of fall - family traditions, crisp weather with golden yellow sunsets, pumpkin candles burning, fried apple pies, and the feeling that the best of the year is yet to come, with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner.

Continuing our family traditions is something we love. We hope one day our kids will say "every year our parents dragged us to the pumpkin patch" and of course, they'll sigh and talk about how annoying we were, but one day they'll be older and they'll see a sign to a pumpkin patch and they'll get that little grip on their heart and they'll remember these moments that we spent as a family. That's love and I want to create as much love for Devon and Dean that I can! I hope their childhood will be remembered as magical and with as much fondness as I remember mine. Right now I'm lucky, because they are as excited to go to the pumpkin patch as I am. In fact, Devon has pretty much asked me every day since September when we are going? So, it was time for our annual trek and this year, we headed somewhere new to Berry Patch Farms in Woodstock, GA.

This was a cute little family farm and lots of spots for some great fall photos.

 photo IMG_3670_zps5e17caac.jpg

 photo IMG_3692_edit_zps3438a29f.jpg

 photo IMG_3649_zpsf83cc382.jpg

 photo IMG_3658_zps4e8e9896.jpg

 photo IMG_3702_zps5c8302a8.jpg

 photo IMG_3707_zps87117be2.jpg

 photo IMG_3712_zps4e3b8b9e.jpg

 photo IMG_3718_zpsbb6dbe25.jpg

 photo IMG_3734_zps3dc7ea9c.jpg

 photo IMG_3736_zpsc736a844.jpg

 photo IMG_3754_zps902461e5.jpg

 photo IMG_3761_zps64e1f7d9.jpg

 photo IMG_3766_zpsdfb37cab.jpg

 photo IMG_3770_zps277eb445.jpg

 photo IMG_3773_zps95bcd3f3.jpg

 photo IMG_3776_zpsd561d992.jpg

 photo IMG_3780_zpsf0ffd0c1.jpg

 photo IMG_3796_zps74efb163.jpg

 photo IMG_3798_edit_zps02de2032.jpg

 photo IMG_3803_zps37b1f2f8.jpg

 photo IMG_3808_zpsdc9d6bdd.jpg

 photo IMG_3824_zps896488c7.jpg

 photo IMG_3834-Copy_zps9fc66a34.jpg

 photo IMG_3841-Copy_zpsa5e2261e.jpg

 photo IMG_3785_zps87821800.jpg

 photo IMG_3788_edit_zps826d76a1.jpg

P.S. I totally have "mom's regret" about not being in a single picture... Why oh why is the photographer always the one who looks like they weren't even there??? So, imagine me, looking like a J. Crew ad with my layered sweater and perfectly pushed up sleeves and a cute flannel shirt, with my faded skinny jeans tucked into tan suede slouchy boots with my gold watch and my hair blowing and lit by the golden rays of the sun. Yep, use your imagination cause that's not what I looked like AT ALL. :)

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  1. I love all your awesome pics!! My favorite is the one of Devon's closeup of his face, but they are ALL amazing!! Good job!!


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