Friday, April 5, 2013

In your Easter Bonnet...

"In your Easter bonnet,
with all the frills upon it,
You'll be the fairest lady
in the Easter parade."
- Easter Parade, By Irving Berlin

For Easter this year, I thought it would be fun to have a ladies tea party and an egg hunt for the kids. It was so great to be off and get to celebrate God's love and sacrifice for us.

We started the day off getting to go to church. The boys were so good and looked so cute in their ties.

 photo IMG_4836_zps64fc8f0d.jpg

 photo IMG_4820_zps7e171e82.jpg

 photo IMG_4813_zps9cfbaebc.jpg

Of course, we had all the Easter traditions. Even though these past two and a half weeks have been a complete nightmare with Devon being sicker than he has been in his entire life, we have managed to color a few eggs together. There is nothing worse in life than to see your kids suffer. My darling Dev, who is normally talking a mile a minute and so excited to go to school has barely cracked a smile these past two and a half weeks. He has cried all day and night and has had to endure the flu, whooping cough, and a raging ear infection. We have been to the pediatrician's office 6 times and once to the chiropractor (which was the only visit that offered any real relief to him). He has lost 5 pounds and has missed 9 days of school. And I've probably gotten some wrinkles and have gone a teeny bit cuckoo during the process! Every day has pretty much looked like this...

 photo IMG_4803_zpsfa56a82a.jpg

But, as Easter came closer, he finally started feeling better on Saturday and we were able to do a little of this...

 photo IMG_4792_zps9035c627.jpg

 photo IMG_4789_zpsc11bd25d.jpg

We even got to talk a walk and felt the first signs of spring in Atlanta.

 photo IMG_4804_zps13dd8072.jpg

And we saw our wise old owl, the one that lives right outside our house and Hoooots the whole night through!

 photo IMG_4806_zpsf6a298d6.jpg

So, as soon as we woke up, the boys got to open their Easter baskets...

 photo IMG_2353_zps4e8adecc.jpg

 photo IMG_2354_zps2076df03.jpg

 photo IMG_2355_zpsebbc4ca1.jpg

And I got my Honeybaked Ham... the most ridiculously good food in the world! Seriously, I've been putting a little ham in my coffee! Just kidding... but I think I've eaten ham for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks these days. Firoze... you don't know what you're missing!! :)

 photo IMG_4807_zpsb62567ec.jpg

After church, I put on my "Easter Bonnet" and got ready to host my Easter Tea!

 photo IMG_4856_zpsfde208dc.jpg

Debbie, my sidekick and truest friend, came to help me with last minute preparations and putting together tea sandwiches like factory workers. She showed up and had her fabulous Easter hat on and looked so very glamorous!

 photo IMG_2386_zps51a1d534.jpg

 photo IMG_2390_zps4faef0bc.jpg

My tea table...

 photo IMG_2357_zpsc3d05f61.jpg

 photo IMG_2364_zps855651e2.jpg

My menu was a classic British afternoon tea: Cucumber sandwiches with goat cheese spread, Shrimp salad with lemons and capers in phyllo cups, Pimento cheese sandwiches, Egg salad sandwiches with dill, Warm Honeybaked ham and gruyere cheese on mini potato rolls, Orange scones, Chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapples and apricots and of course the cheese and charcuterie platter!

 photo IMG_2361_zpsf5b701b6.jpg

 photo IMG_2360_zps67781c6b.jpg

For the kids, I made little Easter "dirt cups" with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and topped them with some Oreo "dirt" and little nests to hold the eggs and peeps!

 photo IMG_2358_zpsf38db961.jpg

 photo IMG_2363_zps75b2b203.jpg

And after we were stuffed, we did an egg hunt for the kids downstairs. It was still a little muddy outside from all the rain, so we kept it easy and let them look for a hundred eggs downstairs. They had so much fun!

Devon and Tia took it SO seriously about "no peeking!" while Cam and Sarah hid all the eggs. :)

 photo IMG_2366_zps3c9a20d2.jpg

 photo IMG_2367_zpsfce045a5.jpg

 photo IMG_2368_zps65300fb7.jpg

 photo IMG_2371_zps6db7ba8a.jpg

 photo IMG_2372_zpsefedda1b.jpg

We had a perfect Easter, spent celebrating God's eternal love for us and also the love of family and friends. Firoze, the only sad part was that you were not here! We miss you so much and can't wait till your home again!

 photo IMG_4846_zps8b40950a.jpg

 photo IMG_2384_edit_zpsf272ad3e.jpg

Hope your Easter was just as lovely!

 photo IMG_4849_zps801994b4.jpg
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