Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Love Boat

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year, which is truly something to celebrate. They have been such a good example to all of us about what it takes to make it that long together. As kids, I can honestly say I never saw my parents fight or argue a single day of my life. As an adult, I know how lucky I am to come from a house where there was no anger and no unkindness. On top of that, my parents have faced some of the most difficult paths in life, where most people would run away into a world of misery. But, they have always turned to God and have stayed together and focused on the positive. For that, we celebrate LOVE!

We knew the best gift in life is happy memories because they last forever. After much planning and coordinating, we were finally able to get 11 of us together in one place for the vacation of a lifetime. We decided to leave behind the cold and grey skies and fly down to Florida to get on a 8 day cruise. What a treat to be together and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine, aqua blue ocean, and tropical cocktails!

I was so worried that I would have a repeat of our first cruise with kids. Since Devon has been born, we haven't had the best track record with vacations and trips. In fact, I can say that my kids are nightmare travelers (although they are amazing in other ways)! But, I was beyond amazed that this trip was perfect from beginning to end. Both Devon and Dean were pro travelers and were even able to pull their own luggage through the airport. At the end of the vacation, we got bumped up to business class on the airplane and we flew home in complete style! It was an answer to my prayers... a PERFECT vacation! Completely happy, completely peaceful and completely fun!

As usual, the Sherman family will always have camera shutters clicking like it's the papparrazi. This vacation was no exception. I took 1100 photos with my DSLR alone, plus another 50 on my iphone. Combine that with Firoze's photos, Courtney's photos and my Mom's photos, that's at least 2000 photos. Well, don't get scared... I won't make you scroll through ALL of them. It was SO hard to choose favorites though. I wanted to post only my top 30 pictures, but I was having anxiety about which ones to choose, so I put everything I couldn't live without. And here you go...

Our Love Boat... The Carnival Dream

 photo IMG_1760_zps98e94e30.jpg

 photo IMG_1759_zps2f9f934d.jpg

 photo IMG_1755_zpsf6b1785c.jpg

First stop: Puerta Maya in Cozumel, Mexico!

 photo IMG_1764_zps81367cc5.jpg

 photo IMG_1762_zps0881600f.jpg

 photo IMG_1771_zps3efc78f2.jpg

We spent the day at a private luxury resort with our own palapa (a shaded leaf cabana) and a waiter who would bring us food and drinks all day. This is a view of the resort...

 photo IMG_1800_zpsbbd6791f.jpg

 photo IMG_1772_zps25cfc094.jpg

 photo IMG_1777_edit_zps12f73a9f.jpg

 photo IMG_1773_zps04100ebd.jpg

This was the view from my palapa...

 photo IMG_1796_zps058121da.jpg

 photo IMG_1798_zps37f4a773.jpg

Firoze dove to find Devon a live conch...

 photo IMG_1805_zps8e7044ae.jpg

Our snack tray, served to us on the beach...

 photo IMG_1827_zps41987c4e.jpg

 photo IMG_1814_zps88f681ac.jpg

Later we made our way to the open air restaurant to order lunch and it was SO good. Fresh fish, grilled with lemon and butter, shrimp and rice, chicken flautas, steak fajitas...mmmmm!

 photo IMG_1829_zps467ee988.jpg

 photo IMG_1833_zpsdbdf58ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1843_zpsca48310e.jpg

While we were eating, we could see the boys, swinging in the hammock. These were so comfortable, we took an an afternoon siesta after lunch.

 photo IMG_1839_zps0c434ccb.jpg

But, the best thing about the day was the late afternoon, when everyone else was gone, we had a private beach to enjoy.

 photo IMG_1855_zps7d4ce0c5.jpg

 photo IMG_1871_zps1eff53c7.jpg

And Dean got to be the nakey beach baby he wanted to be!

 photo IMG_1890_zps935f4943.jpg

 photo IMG_1885_zpsc1531c5c.jpg

The ship was wonderful. Great for a family getaway, with plenty of fun stuff for kids!

The main pool and movie screen...

 photo IMG_1905_zps8d067438.jpg

The aft pool and hot tubs with the view of the ship's wake...

 photo IMG_1921_zps3d7c72ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1902_zps02932a90.jpg

 photo IMG_1903_zps9c698199.jpg

 photo IMG_1920_zps625c70ec.jpg

The water slide park...

 photo IMG_1901_zps786f0941.jpg

The kids had the most fun going down the water slides 500 times!

 photo IMG_1929_zps43f5ef58.jpg

 photo IMG_1930_zpsa99da1eb.jpg

 photo IMG_1939_zpsc915fbaf.jpg

 photo IMG_1943_zps56d58f74.jpg

 photo IMG_1944_zps70b9ab09.jpg

 photo IMG_2053_zps164ef454.jpg

Court snuggled the tired water-sliders!

 photo IMG_1937-Copy_zps050a3e39.jpg

Meanwhile, the guys enjoyed some special bonding moments...

 photo IMG_2294_zps78fe87b0.jpg

We loved our balcony room, especially when watching cartoons is better than watching the OCEAN!

 photo IMG_2193_zps3c0c89a3.jpg

The balcony was the perfect spot for us to hang out, as well as our live sea creatures. Have you ever seen what a conch actually looks like? Not the shell, but the animal. Well, mystery solved... (and it's disgusting!)

 photo IMG_1936_zps2b5738fb.jpg

To me, there is nothing more relaxing than sailing across the ocean with a big stack of "fresh" magazines and a cocktail!

 photo IMG_2195_zps45275c20.jpg

The views were absolutely breaktaking... from the sunrises...

 photo IMG_1961_zpsa5dedda0.jpg

... to the sunsets!

 photo IMG_1963_zpsf8498975.jpg

For the boys, the mini-golf was like their own personal playground - except better, because it had unlimited putters and balls to play with (and throw... in Dean's case)!

 photo IMG_2261_zpsd1e35df4.jpg

Devon celebrating his hole in one!

 photo IMG_2263_zpsd9845be7.jpg

Judah, a real golfer! He was the only one that held his putter like a golf club and not like a baseball bat!

 photo IMG_2265_zpse230189e.jpg

Quinn... looking adorable!

 photo IMG_2269_zps0ca39f55.jpg

This is how Dean plays golf... He took it upon himself to find a place in the sun and laid down on the golf course and took a mini nap for about 10 minutes. He's a real athlete!

 photo IMG_2271_zpsb0579078.jpg

The boys making their best pirate faces...

 photo IMG_2273_zps939c328d.jpg

 photo IMG_2277_zps55c92172.jpg

 photo IMG_2286_zps97df8ab8.jpg

 photo IMG_1918_zpsd962c7ff.jpg

 photo IMG_2288_zps9228e9a0.jpg

The whole family loved getting together in the Scarlet Dining Room for a nice dinner.

 photo IMG_1739_zps1cc2541e.jpg

 photo IMG_1952_zps5f39c8db.jpg

We exchanged "Happy Vacation!" gifts and Court got me these adorable anchor earrings...

 photo IMG_2063_edit_zpsadbc3282.jpg

After a while, the kids grew tired of the fine dining and just ordered what they wanted... pizza!

 photo IMG_1954_zpsf6848c66.jpg

 photo IMG_2054_zps8015ed82.jpg

 photo IMG_2057_zps1d1e936b.jpg

Our best meal of the cruise was our last... our fine dining experience at Chef's Art Steakhouse.

It wasn't funny that Dean crashed the appetizer course. BUT... it was funny that he insisted on wearing ALL my jewelry, including my stack of gold bangles and all my rings! We ONLY dine in style!

 photo IMG_2331_zps1c327b37.jpg

The food was absolutely incredible... perfect steaks, lobster, tuna tartar, crabcakes, lobster corn chowder, ahhhh... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

 photo IMG_2334_zps1c4eb993.jpg

We wanted to give my parents something special to end the cruise with, so we thought what better way than to end with our last meal at a luxury restaurant! And it was a very sweet ending...

 photo IMG_2335_zps110734bd.jpg

And after dinner, the boys raced back to the room to see what kind of towel animal we had.

 photo IMG_2060_zpsf5725fc5.jpg

 photo IMG_1897_zpsdc7f3506.jpg

In Belize the Firoze and Guillermo went on a cave tube expedition for G's special birthday present. However... you're gonna have to check out Firoze's facebook photo album for the proof!

Next stop... Honduras!

The day started with the most amazingly perfect rainbow I have ever seen in my life. It was a complete rainbow and I just know that pot of gold is on that little island!

 photo IMG_1969_zps5eb9b142.jpg

 photo IMG_1977_zps41c5252a.jpg

 photo IMG_1979_zps6754bced.jpg

 photo IMG_1983_zps233cc8df.jpg

The ski lift to the beach was awesome... for lazy people like us!

 photo IMG_1989_zps3cf46c30.jpg

 photo IMG_1996_zpsa92be264.jpg

 photo IMG_1998_zps3e6e70b8.jpg

 photo IMG_2001_zps29caf00f.jpg

At every beach, the boys discovered their new favorite ocean critter...

 photo IMG_2021_zps7291c2e1.jpg

 photo IMG_2023_zps31db36cc.jpg

 photo IMG_2024_zps4b043b25.jpg

 photo IMG_2027_zpsd0aff95c.jpg

 photo IMG_2037_zpsd38ede88.jpg

On this trip, Dean introduced us to his new "say cheese!" face for all his posed pictures...

 photo IMG_2049_zpsffa934f4.jpg

Last stop, Costa Maya, Mexico... my favorite port stop on the trip!

As we got off the ship, we were lucky enough to meet the Captain! I was not so lucky that my camera was very naughty and took this out of focus picture of Devon with the Captain...

 photo IMG_2068_zps8b749c8b.jpg

 photo IMG_2071_zpscfc77ada.jpg

These boys were hugging each other all day on this trip...

 photo IMG_2073_zps22b2832b.jpg

 photo IMG_2078_zpsf301222c.jpg

"I'm a BOSS!"

 photo IMG_2082_zps7e4dc414.jpg

 photo IMG_2090_zpsd19afd1d.jpg

 photo IMG_2093_zps96b4c006.jpg

 photo IMG_2101_zps899ab603.jpg

Costa Maya has a little fishing village, Mahahual, which is literally the most perfect beach you have ever seen in your life. Pure white soft sand, crystal blue water, miles and miles of endless beach bordered by miles and miles of shops and restaurants, where the waiters and shopkeepers will come to YOU! You lay on the beach and they bring you anything and everything... cocktails, tacos, jewelry, handbags, toys... it's paradise! We all want to go back!

 photo IMG_2106_zpse89bfa56.jpg

 photo IMG_2118_zps5ce0c184.jpg

 photo IMG_2120_zpsd2cad5f0.jpg

That's Firoze, leading his tribe of boys to the deep ocean...

 photo IMG_2128_zps5d57e689.jpg

I love the baby shadow...

 photo IMG_2130_zps7498eda4.jpg

 photo IMG_2124_zpsea184dab.jpg

 photo IMG_2135_zps8c487b9d.jpg

The best beach in the world with our best friends in the world...what could be better?!

 photo IMG_2142_zpsad9d275d.jpg

Baby hermit crabs!

 photo IMG_2147_zpse1ac061f.jpg

 photo IMG_2161_zps4ebbb16c.jpg

Viviana was the cutest beach baby you ever saw in her little polka dots!

 photo IMG_2164_zps16afb9b9.jpg

Baby hands and feet cuteness.

 photo IMG_2167_zpsf6a02038.jpg

 photo IMG_2177_zpsbca1c4e5.jpg

 photo IMG_2179_zps84971d11.jpg

Me and my sweet niece in our matching outfits!

 photo IMG_2182_zpsc5a6dc69.jpg

 photo IMG_2188_zpse1475f1d.jpg

Back on the ship, we had some family photo shoots.


 photo IMG_2198_zps00bba883.jpg

 photo IMG_2207_zpsa02cea72.jpg

 photo IMG_2220_zps5ba5e5a0.jpg

 photo IMG_2221_zpsdff091d9.jpg

 photo IMG_2228_zpsae06a53b.jpg

Dean with his Mimi! I noticed my Mom has the prettiest eyes. That's where Quinn gets those beautiful baby blues!

 photo IMG_2232_zps915529c8.jpg

 photo IMG_2241_zps3a6b53c8.jpg

 photo IMG_2247_zpscec9909e.jpg

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad! We had the best time celebrating LOVE with you, and also celebrating Guillermo and Dean's birthday together. We will always have the great family memories from this trip!!

 photo IMG_2302_edit_zps3a217fdd.jpg

 photo IMG_2306_edit_zpsdd629474.jpg

 photo IMG_2315_zps45dea300.jpg

 photo IMG_2318_zpsb9cac0f9.jpg

Love on the Love Boat!

 photo IMG_2319_zpsb9ad2ac1.jpg
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