Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day: Queen for a Day

Here was the conversation that happened while we were driving in the car on Mother's Day...

Devon & Dean: Mama, you don't want to kill bugs???
Me: Nope. I don't have to kill bugs. That's why I have 3 boys in the house - Dada, Devon and Dean... so I don't ever have to kill any bugs! I'm the princess and you guys have to protect me.
Devon: Oh... you're the princess of the house. I get it. That means you make all the decisions! (With total realization)
Firoze: Pretty much sums it up...

So yes, I'm the Princess of the house... the Queen of the castle! With a house full of boys, I'm lucky because I get all the love and adoration around here... and yes, I guess I get to make all the decisions too! (Ha... I wish!) Anyways, on Mother's Day, I got to decide how I wanted to spend it and all I wanted was to be with my family all day and I got my wish.

We started out with my two little early risers getting me up at 6:45am for breakfast. I had to drag Firoze out of bed and instead of cooking, we headed out to Panera for a "mama's day off" breakfast with all the good stuff... lots of baked goods and bacon!

Since I was lucky enough to have this Mother's Day off for the first time since I've been a mother, I wanted to take care of all my friends who had to work today. So, I spent the morning cooking and made enough food to feed 50 people. I made the Pioneer Woman's chicken, spinach and artichoke pasta, a huge Italian mixed salad with all the good stuff and Pioneer Woman's rosemary rolls. I went and dropped off lunch for all my friends at "the box" to make their Mother's Day a little better.

While I was busy cooking, Firoze took the boys out to the duck park and came home with the best surprise ever... a new turtle for our house. Since this is turtle #4 for us, we decided not to put him in our homemade pen in the driveway, where every turtle turns into Andy from Shawshank Redeption and makes his escape. Instead, we used our hermit crabs cage and put him in lock-down inside the house. The boys are in heaven! All day and every day since discovering him, they have been holding him, feeding him and taking him outside for swims in his turtle pool (aka...a big rubbermaid container).

 photo IMG_2484_zps480e2dbe.jpg

 photo IMG_2489_zpsb28b2191.jpg

 photo IMG_2501_zps8ee3980c.jpg

Our newest pet, named by Devon... Turtle McMyrtle!

 photo IMG_2516_zpsb7f04401.jpg

 photo IMG_2511_zps72db2aea.jpg

Dean is such a rogue baby, he runs into our backyard "jungle" with no shoes and not a care in the world!

 photo IMG_2522_zpsb3ad52cc.jpg

After dropping off lunch, I decided the best way to spend my day is to be out in the sunshine with my family, so we packed up the kids and headed off for an adventure... to explore the Chattahoochee River! After all our years living in Atlanta, we had never really gone to see this and I was excited to see something new. We ended up at Riverside Park which was probably the best kids park I have been to in my life! All of Atlanta seemed to be there with people picnicking, playing soccer, at the playground and hiking along the Chattahoochee. Why am I just finding out about this amazing place?!

 photo IMG_2471_zps339b9726.jpg

This is the Playground #1, with some of the most unusual and coolest playground equipment I have seen...

 photo IMG_2391_zpse800e74e.jpg

 photo IMG_2393_zpsd48c7504.jpg

 photo IMG_2475_zps36a34f02.jpg

Then we went exploring the river area with beautiful paved pathways, bridges, hiking trails and wooden walkways spanning the marsh.

 photo IMG_2394_zpsdeaf78dd.jpg

We were lucky to come upon a family of geese with a flock of adorably fluffy gooslings. Devon wanted to hold one SO bad, but Mother Goose said "over my dead body!" ;)

 photo IMG_2397_zps7046840c.jpg

 photo IMG_2404_zps5f44788d.jpg

 photo IMG_2405_zps949c7ebb.jpg

 photo IMG_2428_zps696cb1cc.jpg

 photo IMG_2412_zps99c598c7.jpg

 photo IMG_2433_zpsbdce3659.jpg

Firoze, being the Sri-Lankan version of Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter), couldn't wait to take the boys down into the mud pits surrounding the Chattahoochee.

 photo IMG_2434_zps88b61901.jpg

Devon spotted something slithering and Firoze jumped into the mud pit and pulled it out... it was a young eel! Disgusting!!

 photo IMG_2435_zps473af03c.jpg

Both the boys were so psyched to be holding this thing, but Dean especially was playing with it for about 2 minutes, holding it like it was one of his toys while it slithered all around his hands and arms...

 photo IMG_2443_zpsb32c9be3.jpg

Thankfully we did not add a pet eel to our collection at home of a hermit crab and turtle!

 photo IMG_2444_zpsbefc05d2.jpg

Firoze was reaching his hands into the marsh and pulling out any creatures for the boys to examine and they were loving every minute of it!

 photo IMG_2448_zps48231d58.jpg

 photo IMG_2449_zps2d4d22d2.jpg

Now this is more my speed... a cute little ladybug!

 photo IMG_2460_zps3bf56dc1.jpg

 photo IMG_2462_zpsa6873126.jpg

 photo IMG_2470_zps19c01281.jpg

Then we stayed and played some soccer on their big field and I got to lay back and enjoy the sunshine.

 photo IMG_2477_zpsd01efa6e.jpg

And lastly, we ended up at Playground #2, which was even better than the first one! It was a perfect day in every way...

 photo IMG_2478_zps6752cf62.jpg

Not only did we have one perfect day together, but we had two days off which felt like a real weekend. So, on day 2, we headed over to our neighborhood. We are lucky enough to have about 20 playgrounds to choose from within a 10 minute drive from our house, but we were all excited when they were building a brand NEW playground about 2 blocks from our house. So, this will be our new hangout... our neighborhood playground!

 photo IMG_2527_zps829441a3.jpg

 photo IMG_2530_zps9251c8b2.jpg

 photo IMG_2532_zps3833afd0.jpg

This doesn't look that high in the picture, but this is the highest, fastest, steepest slide I have ever seen in my life. It's about 15 feet high and basically a straight drop and the kids go shooting down it like a rocket. Every time Dean goes down it I hold my breath in fear. Devon loved it and thought it was like a waterslide... minus the water!

 photo IMG_2534_zps8b02966b.jpg

Dean "no shoes" Nizam goes climbing and doing his monkey thing and says "I can do it MYSELF! I don't need NO help!" whenever we hover and try to keep him safe!

 photo IMG_2537_zps3c38d27e.jpg

 photo IMG_2538_zps2cfdb61b.jpg

A playground self-portrait...

 photo IMG_2542_zpsef370242.jpg

So to all the mothers out there... I hope you felt like queens this weekend and got the royal treatment by your family. I hope you got hugs and kisses, cards and gifts, good food and special days spent with your kids. My biggest blessings and gifts in my life are my two boys and I couldn't ask for anything more!
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